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2023 Wedding Recap Cheers to the New Year ya’ll! Welcome to the 2023 Wedding Recap! Well, it’s no shock that this blog post is coming in a bit late. 2024 hasn’t been the kindest to me, and it’s only the third week of the year. Over at the Hargrove house, we’ve had a few personal […]

Sarandipity Photography – 2023 Wedding Recap

Sarandipity Photography - 2023 Wedding Recap

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I’ve said this in another post, but Sylvanside Farm is my most photographed venue. As you can imagine, I’ve seen pretty much every configuration of a wedding held there. With this post, I’m hoping to guide you in making your wedding at Sylvanside Farm as easy-breezy covergirl as possible! Don’t feel like you need to […]

Tips for Weddings at Sylvanside Farm

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Spring Wedding at Sylvanside Farm: A lot of people don’t know this, but Sylvanside Farm is my MOST photographed wedding venue! I have had the pleasure of capturing weddings at Sylvanside Farm since they first opened, and each one holds a special place in my heart. Right in the heart of Purcelleville, Virginia, this venue […]

Spring Wedding at Sylvanside Farm

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