I could drone on and on about how many years I've been in business, and how photography was always a passion of mine, but let's be real - that's boring AF. Yes, I'm a photographer, but it's more than that. I'm the chick that's going to be standing next to you on the most important day of your life. That's pretty freaking epic. 
We gotta click though right? So, here's the nitty gritty:

Let's skip to the good part:

About me

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My Favorite Things

The way I see it, It's not just about the photos (even though, those are pretty freaking great too), I'm literally here for you. In the words of the worlds most iconic power couple - "I got you, babe." No, seriously - need some water? Here's a bottle! Need help bustling? I've done hundreds! Forgot the ring? Here, use mine! And if you look real close, I'm either crying during your parent dance, or singing every song with you during your reception. Like I said, It's more than just photos for me, I strive to create lasting relationships, a comfortable environment, and an over-all damn good vibe.

I don't believe in being a bystander.

My language is colorful, my caffeine intake is high, and it's always one balloon shy of a party around here. I'm a true crime junkie, a card carrying Maxxanista, and a slut for a themed event. I am proud to say I have seen every episode of Below Deck, and I can rap every lyric to Lil' Wayne's A Milli. And, if you can't find me, I'm usually buying things I don't need at the thrift store, buried under my dog while I read YA fantasy novels, or stuffing my face at another AYCE restaurant (probably Korean BBQ or HotPot if we're being honest).

Running on Iced Dirty Chais, Netflix Marathons, and True Crime Podcasts

I'm ready to be your best friend for the day.