Spring D.C. Engagement | Charlotte + Matthew

Man do I love a D.C. engagement, especially on a gorgeous spring morning! I can’t believe this, but in only two days Charlotte and Matt will be taking their adventure to the next level! These two will finally say goodbye to the dreaded long distance relationship and say I DO! Believe it or not, they will be tackling a whole new Washington in just 2 weeks! That’s why I was so ecstatic when Charlotte explained her ideas about their engagement session to me. I am so grateful I had the chance to help them commemorate their time here, before they move all the way across the US! With Matt being in the Army, it made planning this a little more difficult than normal, but we managed to squeeze it in at just the right moment. These two were so natural during their session I would have never guessed that they had never been in front of a camera before! From their adorable outfit choices, to the incredible monuments they chose, this was definitely one for the books! If they did this amazing for their engagement session, I seriously can’t wait for their wedding on Saturday!

couple kissing in jefferson memorial columns with Washington Monument in background, boy lifting girl off ground

right image is couple walking in jefferson memorial with columns in background, left image is solitaire diamond ring in green and white flowers couple sitting on fountain in front of washington capitol right image is couple with noses together and her hand on his face, left image is couple walking with capitol in background couple sitting on supreme court steps with arms around eachother and noses together left image is girl with hand under chin laughing to her right, right image is couple holding hands in jefferson memorial

couple facing eachother, guy kissing girl on forehead in front of capitol with tulips in foreground

left image is couple walking with capitol in background, right image is up close of couples hands while arms are wrapped around eachother couple nuzzling in front of capitol


left image: couple sitting on water fountain in front of capitol building, right image: couple nuzzling in front of capitol building with tulips in foreground

couple snuggling in union station

left image: girl has hands wrapped around back of guys head while they have their foreheads together in jefferson, right image: couple sitting on steps on side of jefferson with washington monument in background

wide shot of couple kissing in front of capitolleft image: couple in front of washington monument, girl is twirling dress while guy holds her hand, right image: solitaire diamond ring in white and green flowers

guy kissing girls forehead in union stationleft image: wide shot of couple nuzzling in front of capitol, right image: couple looking at and smiling at camera couple walking hand in hand in front of capitol couple nuzzling in jefferson memorial

guy with arms around girls waist with jefferson memorial columns in back

couple smiling and looking at camera, couple walking hand in hand in front of supreme court steps couple holding hands and looking at camera in jefferson memorialcouple nuzzling in front of capitol building couple walking up side steps of jefferson memorial with washington monument in back

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