Classic DC Engagement | Rachel + Stephen | Virginia Wedding Photograper

If there is one thing I can say about this DC engagement, it’s LITERAL GOALS. Rachel and Stephen met me at the Jefferson Memorial bright and early, only to be hit with a TON of construction at the memorial. I’m talking partitions and fencing everywhere, you couldn’t even get up to the sides of the monument! It was crazy! Luckily we had already been talking about backup plans and settled on going the first spot we talked about! And let me tell you, there was some universal sign that the Jefferson didn’t work out on purpose, because the Library of Congress surpassed our expectations by a long shot!

Rachel and I share a similar love for Paris, and she wanted to make her Parisian dreams come to life for their engagement session! AND THEY TOTALLY DID! I fell in love with her vision right from the start, and when we got to the Library of Congress, we knew immediately it was everything we needed, and more! Rachel’s little black dress popped perfectly off of the white french inspired architecture, and her pink peonies made the perfect addition to this classic engagement setting. I have to say, the Library of Congress is definitely one of my new favorite locations!

I also forgot to mention, the moment these two arrived, they were BOTH ready to go! There wasn’t an ounce of the “awkward 15” (which is what I call the first 15 minutes of any session. It takes about 15 minutes for anyone to get the hang of being in front of the camera!) that most people encounter when getting photographed for the first time! Stephen and her ACTUALLY practiced some of the poses the night before! How freaking cute is that? Stephen was pumped to show me all of the things he practiced, and went into the session with no hesitation. BEST GROOM EVER!

After we finished up at the Library of Congress, we walked right over to the Supreme Court stairs and even made Rachel’s “column shot” a reality too! Who needs the Jefferson when you’ve got a completely EMPTY Supreme Court building!

We then finished up the session with a stroll around Georgetown! I found an image of this gorgeous pink building a while ago, and Rachel and Stephen were more than willing to¬† frolic around the streets of Georgetown while we looked for it. Rachel and I also share a love for all things pink too, so I knew she’d love this building the moment I saw it! Once we found the florist I was looking for, (which is moving locations by the way! I am so thankful I got the images I wanted before who-knows-what happens to that gorgeousness) we finished up our session drinking lattes and eating croissants at the most adorable french bakery! Boulangerie Christophe was more than accommodating and let us take all the pictures we wanted in their courtyard!

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to explore DC with these two, I absolutely loved every moment of their engagement session and I can’t wait to see their vision unfold! The Old Silk Mill isn’t going to know what hit it!


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