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Salut! Ça fait longtemps!

The first blog of many, coming in hot! And by hot, I actually mean cold. A cold, delicious smorgasbord of meats and cheeses and olives and breads and yummy good-ness-es, all beautifully curated by the ever-talented Christina Moore, of Bella Giornata Events. This was only the first night of six, where we indulged ourselves with everything Parisian. We gathered up the goods from (hands-down) the most incredible grocery store every created – imagine, a three story Costco sized building, but a Wegmans on some serious steroids. I’m talking fresh-to-death, y’all. Everything was sectioned off into “areas” of goodness. Whole bakeries dedicated to different kinds of breads, a huge fresh seafood section, Parisian dessert counters, aisles and aisles of gourmet ingredients, butchers, deli counters, and SO much more. Even their water is fancy! Everything came in glass packaging and you felt so bougee buying milk in glass containers, and shots of ginger juices with freshly made baguette sandwiches (OH, the SANDWICHES – I will never be able to recreate the yumminess that was that grocery-store-sandwich, but I am damn-sure going to try!) And, to top it off, our wonderful AirBnB gifted us with a bottle of champagne and Ratatouille already in the DVD player. After an exhausting 8 hours of travel and a 6 hour time change, we ended our first night living our best french lives.


Our flat was a tiny vintage home, where you entered through an alley door and went up a narrow set of stairs to the top of the restaurant below. It had 3 bathrooms and slept 6 with a total of about 800 sq. feet of space. Each bathroom had a unique feature, whether it be a clawfoot tub in a crawlspace, a beautifully piped shower room with no ceiling, or (my favorite) a wash sink where you dumped the whole sink of water into a huge copper pipe – it’s hard to explain, but SO cool. With only a 10 minute walk to Notre Dame, and 500 ft to Berthillion, the most incredible ice cream you’ll ever taste, it’s safe to say our little flat on The Seine River, was absolute perfection.


THIS IS THE SANDWICH! It consisted of a fresh baguette (obvi), cream cheese, a soft white cheese that I can’t figure out, prosciutto, mixed greens and cooked potatoes!

Berthillion Ice Cream!

I highly recommend the chocolate orange + Grande Marnier combo

tellement délicieux!

On Valentines Day the grocery store had florists hand making each bouquet before you bought it!

How stunning is this produce display? Can we make produce merchandising a thing in the states, please?

I kid you not, these prawns were the size of my hand.

 Planner/Coordinator/Travel Guide Extraordinaire + Charcuterie Master : Christina Moore, Bella Giornata Events + Design

If you have any questions about where we stayed or what to do on your trip to Paris, reach out to Christina!

She will provide you with the best experience possible!

Au Revoir!

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